Unlimited data

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Truly Unlimited

There is no set cap on the amount of Data Used so no overages, Ever

No Throttle

All Major consumer carriers Slow or "Throttle" Speeds after a short period of time. Our Speeds do not have a set choke point.

Compare and save

If your researching, We are the best service at the best price. Others charge: Activations fees, Membership Fees, Rental/Lease fees.

Plans Start at $79.99/Mo with
NO tax/fees

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Home, Business and Mobile solutions.

rural internet

As easy as plugging in a router, Just scan for the broadcasted Wifi signal enter your password and start Working, Streaming, Researching access Social Media and more.

The Service your looking for.

We break the mold where most internet service providers fail. Our internet works off cellular towers giving you internet at 4g LTE internet speeds. Just like your cell phone works with your carrier nationwide, so does our service.

Not only does this type of internet work well for “Snow Birds", Camping and Traveling but it picks up where rural carriers fail. Most rural America Internet providers are small companies with outdated infrastructure that cannot keep up to today' s demand for mass data speeds.

The major cellular network providers typically force the customer to bundle phone services with a data package, and almost every carrier lacks a standalone hotspot or network router. These providers also like to use the term “Unlimited" loosely. Unlimited means without end, however it does not mean they will not slow the delivery speed down. In fact, with top carriers that do deliver “Unlimited data", the speeds slow down to dial up speeds once 8, 10 and 15Gb of data use is reached. Today's email and the majority of websites fail to load with dial up speeds.

Adventure Wireless and our access to the same cellular towers, allows us to deliver 4g LTE data “Without End". It is not Throttled once 8, 10, 15GB of data and is truly unlimited.

(Toll Free) 1 (800) 219-9246

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